Artificial Intelligence { AI }

Transforming intelligence to the machines was a challenge before we made enough advancement in AI. DONNEEEN is taking a dissimilar approach to discourse modern AI. We have a slight divergence with the current status of the AI. We believe many of the techniques we cogitate as a state-of-the-art AI today is a very ancient theorem, but we were just not clever enough to explore them any time earlier than today. Many of these inventions were even clearly indicated in ancient notes too. While our effort is to keep up to date with up-to-the-minute innovation on AI same time we more focus on our digitalID as a single most interesting area to work on. DONNEEEN believes this could be the biggest failure in the era of modern technology if we cannot unify this or this is someway gets compromised by our own AI. In many of our developments, we are focused on reverse AI to have the option to reverse engineer to any of our own train AI algorithms. This may sound very unlike than any of the open AI concept any of us came across but for us, we want to be reproducible. When it comes to AI we are not limited to any particular area covering from underground Agriculture to space.


Advance Machine Learning (ML)

Machine learning is the ability of a machine to improve its performance based on previous results. Machine learning helps automation of discovery for future challenges. Unearthing knowledge from obtainable/synthetic data is not something new to take advantage of the computing system without reprogramming to every process. We are now able to do any of our complex operations without explicitly program the computer using the advanced learning method. We can redefine us in a diverse capacity by branding us as a technology integrator. Using advanced machine learning methods in several projects and use that trained system to another system seems very constructive use case of us so far. This algorithmic migration and reusability boosted our capability to improve the reengineering in many solutions on a different scale. We take an ML mixing approach with AI when we deem there is a need for that as there is no line between ML and AI integration. Combination of ML and AI has significantly transformed our organizational working culture significantly. We are working hard to use the knowledge of automation of discovery to address future and historically known challenges. 


IoT & Blockchain (Connecting Future)

Donneeen understands the future directions of the technology and foresees how fast we are connecting things in the next decade. We feel the technical feasibility of connecting things will only give us more data to analyse and make decisions for wellbeing from that. Internet of Things (IoT) is on the horizon for a few years and we cover this area with our team of expertise very well. We understand the scale of the era of IoT and do not want to expose ourselves in all areas of development and deployment of the IoT. We precisely focus on the security side only. Donneeen believes though the IoT will give us huge benefit connecting all the tools and services around us at the same time, it will also challenge by greater cybersecurity exposure. One obvious way to handle this from Donneeen point of view is to use BlockChain for this infrastructure. In our all the development and PoC we do use our inhouse Blockchain development to improve the security and gather the trust of the end-user. Like any other technology Blockchain also has its challenge and limitations but as everything stands now it is the most sophisticated method to handle the security threats of IoT deployment. This helps us in our development in two areas where GDPR and data ethics are very crucial. The two sectors are Healthcare and transport projects that we are interested in where we handle with direct personal data for future good. 


Digital Twin and Ambient Intelligence

Human has already played its part in the game and now technology itself is to take control of some part of it where human thinking still stays in control. Donneeen as a future technology explorer can see how all this will evolve in the coming decade and how we will be more dependent on reliable technologies. One is of the technology concept that is widely used in automobile and healthcare will certainly be acceptable to the general people and will change the way we live our life today. We are working on the reliability of the data and security of the information modifications. We probably only physically move to the places where one have the interest to go to others must be able to do most of it with his digital twin. This probably does not need all the data, but it can be based on the only in hand data that we already have. We are working on designing methods that can be very precise based on individual need and recommendations are also to meet one’s desired future need. One would only contact his avatar or digital twin for most of the day-to-day life activities and physical contacts will only be made on a serious need. Donneeen sees this as a real challenge to take on board and make the most reliable and sophisticated decisions by data ever made.


Connected Mobility

Historically we believe the only way to make our living hood more liveable through connected resource relocations. We have now moved to an era where resource and service relocations are the determinants of national development. This has evolved and moved by technological advance mobility in Connected & Autonomous Vehicles (CAV). Mobility of the goods and services have become faster than ever before and service relocation has reduced the physical relocation by improving the quality of the service. Donneeen has taken part in the technological advancement of the data-driven connected mobility. The market is quite huge, and we are only focussing on the activities which is needed for the connected community and improving the experience of societal wellbeing. We make our every futuristic decision based on our historical data and applying ML and explainable AI to it. For this resolution, historical and real-time data is the heart of our framework. While we were exploring the development of human mobility at the same time, we also realised early enough that with similar technology we can also accelerate the supply chain and logistics too. We solely try to focus on foreground applications to compare human behaviour between the digital and cyber physical world. To make our understanding better we aim just not to focus on the connected mobility of the human but also linking all the vehicles together as a society. We foresee this connected vehicle approach is not only improving the mobility experience but also the quality of the services in the overall circular economy. On the technical side, we study the impact of the connected vehicle and how social changes could cope with it. On the technical side, we are interested to link this with people’s healthcare wellbeing, social interactions, understanding socio-economic diversity, change in mobility trends and future demand directions. With the advancement of the ~5G, we are also working on designing how we can make the best use of the advanced communication network within our prosed analytical framework. Donneeen is more interested in a future that based on their present data-driven activities - we as a company believe our efforts on 5G and CAV will change the experience of our living and make services socially connected with our projected need. We are working hard on a new concept @vehicular culture where we bring a different entity of the connected vehicles to make changes in the way we live today.