our Strategies

 Donneeen believes living in future and we believe future is now. We feel the technology has not yet touched the exposed ground that it could have. we are translating the technology for a greater good.  What makes DONNEEEN very spacial in this translation is not the technology that we use, it is the uniqueness of the people behind Donneeen. 



DONNEEEN stands decisively between state-of-the-art technology and projected demand. While we are watchfully ensuing any progression in the fibre fast advance technology, which is not proven or unswerving yet and thriving to fulfil the niche market demand, we decided to use the technology that is matured and can fill up the larger gap with excellence. We deem the bap the technology disruptors are creating there are enough opportunities already for large development to seal the gap and meet the mass demand assuring the adequate characteristic. We have seen the gap that technology needs to fill up before many others could not do because of their ambition to follow the speed of light of technology advancement. While one part of us keeping us updated with the space of the technology we largely making all the effort to fill up the gaps. We are the team of the self-driven experts in the specific areas who are making changes it needs to have a sustainable inhabitant, not the planet we live. This is a dream of the year 1999 and we went to our dedicated path to gain the experience in the specific scientific areas and now came back to make our dream to be true to benefit the current need.


The Approach

DONNEEEN employ most of its time in understanding the problem first to moderate the design and redesign efforts that we put together to find an optimised solution to meet a specific need and standard that we are historically creating for our future goodwill. The culture we foster within our organization over the years even before we ceremoniously formed the official organization, we very much do believe that is the driving force for our stable solution to challenge the next innovation. We think closely as many other engineering approaches too if we design it right, it should work right too. As we are mostly sensor signal or broadly speaking a data-centric organisation, hence we tend to believe every data has a life until someone proves us that is wrong. At the same time, we also believe the life and value of the data are down to us depending on how we design it to be used and treat. Now we are putting together all our in-kind and paid efforts within the organisation to see the how we can add more value and a longer lifetime to the data so that we can let others to physically feel or even in near future touch the data. We understand the underline competition is in the market and our solutions are always threatened by our competitors, which very much tells us who is leading on it. 


The Experience

DONNEEEN esteem the diverse expansion of the technology and appreciate it cannot be always us when it comes to leading on the innovations. We at Donneeen has chosen the areas sensibly based on where we only have defined expertise to deliver resourceful solutions. We are well aware that some solution needs to work closely with other organization to make an end to end solution to meet the sustainable development goals. Our experts have years of experience in large scale multinational projects with large dependency. Along with other areas we are working on Digital Healthcare, Transport, Energy, Environment and sustainable autonomous automation with a designated team to create and investigate future challenges. We are always keen to approach first to solve a problem at the same time leading in creating challenges for others to work on. All together Donneeen has a different defined team of experts who have ~254 years of professional experience and it has a strong track record in addressing a specific problem, which in the area of our combined expertise. One of the beauties of having a multidisciplinary team we can always come up with a different solution than an any of our market challengers. Though we tend to find an optimal solution for all the problems that we approached, the same time we also do not over commit beyond our expertise and scope of our interest. At Donneeen we always make an initial assessment and proudly say no to any assignment that does not fall within our organisational arena.